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Do you have any questions? You may find the answers here!

1.How much do I have to pay to use erWin?
erWin’s costs depend on the desired access duration.You have the option of requesting access to Online service information either for one hour, one day, one week, one month, or one year.

2. How do I get my password?
The password will be sent to your e-mail address shortly after your successful registration.

3. Forgotten your password?
Then go to the Forgotten your password? page. Enter your email address there and then click on Send. You will immediately be sent a new password by email, and you can change this to a personal password after you have logged in.

4. Login failed!
Check that you entered your email address and your password correctly. When you enter the password, make sure you use the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.

5.The document can be opened, but only one page is legible.
Older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader can cause problems when reading the documents.Please install the newest version of Acrobat Reader which is available free of charge.

6.Can I also use erWin with other browsers?
The erWin online shop has been optimised for Microsoft Internet Explorer.See also System requirements.

7.Will the erWin range be expanded in the future?
The erWin Online site is not yet complete.New documents are constantly being added.

8.System requirements
System requirements

9.How much time is there between ordering and activation?
The flat rate is activated immediately after completion of the booking in the shopping cart.

10.Feedback Button

You can make inquiries regarding the contents of documents via the Feedback ChannelUse the FEEDBACK/Create button under the menu item "Repair and maintenance information" for this purpose.You must have a valid flat rate in order to use this function and receive an answer to your question.